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All photos are unretouched. All surgical procedures performed by Dr. Orr


Rehabilitation of an edentulous upper jaw with multiple implants, bar and clip retention, and a palate-less denture

pefore panoramic x-ray

After panoramic x-ray

Inside of denture

Final smile

Stabilizing a complete lower denture in a very atrophic jaw with ERA attachments

Radiograph with implants

Intraoral view of attachment points for dentures

Underside of dentures

Stabilizing another lower complete denture (standard of care)

Simple inexpensive solution for an unstable lower denture


Stabilizing a Complete Denture in an atrophic lower jaw with a bar and clip attachment

SimPlant treatment planning

X-ray with four implants placed

Four implants healing in lower jaw

Final bar design


Avoiding a complete upper denture with an implant-supported fixed porcelain prosthetics

Upper jaw restored with 6 implants

Final porcelain splint / bridge anchored by implants