Posterior Implants


All photos are unretouched. All surgical procedures performed by Dr. Orr


Replacing a failed root canal of a lower molar

Before tooth removal

After implant replacement

Replacing another lower right 1st molar with an early generation implant demonstrating the 3 components of implant, abutment, and crown

Replacing lower right molar

Adding lower left 1st molar with early generation implant

Replacing molar


Replacing a failed root canal treated upper bicuspid

Replacing a failed root canal upper bicuspid


Adding missing teeth for the upper right and replacing
failed long span bridges on each side of the lower jaw

Before implant treatment

After implant treatment

 Replacing a decayed and hopeless molar with an early generation implant and a metal occlusal crown

Badly decayed molar and implant placement

Final prosthetics

Replacing a lost 2nd molar with an implant covered by a gold crown

Pre-operative extraction site

Restored implant

Gold crown in function

Replacing another 2nd molar

Before implant replacement

After implant replacement

Replacing missing lower molar teeth, and still functioning well since 2001

Before and after loss of lower molars

Implant restoration (back molars restored with implants)

Adding two molar teeth to the lower left (and leaving impacted 3rd molar teeth undisturbed)

Replace two molars of the lower left

Upper molar implants that are now well over a decade in function

Failed cantilevers # 4 and 13 (above) 10+ years function (below)

Four individual implants in various locations, thus avoiding a removable partial denture or fixed bridgework



Seven individual implants placed over a span of many years

In this case, seven individual implants are like getting your missing teeth back in your mouth