Tooth Removal


  1. Bite down on gauze for 45 minutes. This will prevent bleeding. If bleeding persists, then bite down for another 45 minutes on new gauze.
  2. Do not rinse, smoke, or use a straw for 24 hours. Any of these actions will dislodge the blood clot. The blood clot prevents bleeding and is the first step in regenerating the bone in the socket.
  3. Avoid hot liquids for 24 hours.
  4. You can eat when the anesthesia wears off; avoid chewing directly on the extraction site.
  5.  If swelling occurs, or to prevent swelling, place ice on the area of extraction within the first 24 hours for about an hour or so: 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off. (Place the ice outside the mouth – use crushed ice in a baggy covered with a dish towel.)
  6.  If swelling appears after the first 24 hours, do not use ice. Begin applying warm, moist heat to the area.
  7.  At this time of day tomorrow, start rinsing your mouth with 6 oz. of warm water containing ¼ teaspoon of salt. Rinse after meals and before bedtime. Rinsing helps keep food particles from collecting in the socket.
  8.  Take medications (if any) as prescribed by Dr. Orr.
  9.  If sutures are used, they may or may not dissolve on their own. Check with Dr. Orr to know when you should return to the office.
  10.  If you have any questions or complications, please contact Dr. Orr at his office phone number, and if after office hours, follow the directions to reach him.

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