Periodontal disease is the leading cause of bone loss in the oral cavity. Other causes include ill-fitting dentures and facial trauma. Bone grafting and ridge augmentation are treatments used for restoring the jawbone that has been lost due to these reasons. Having properly shaped bone and soft tissue to support your teeth or implants are important for both your appearance and your health. The bone grafting procedure is an excellent way to replace lost bone tissue and encourage natural bone growth. If you have jaw bone loss due to disease or trauma, it may be possible to restore what has been lost, by using new techniques in bone and tissue regeneration. Dr. Naghieh utilizes the latest innovations and techniques such as bone morphogenetic protein and platelet-derived growth factor for reconstruction and regeneration of oral bone and tissue. Our goal at Belmont Periodontics & Dental Implants is the restoration of your mouth to a beautiful and healthy state and make your smile something to be proud of.