Pocket reduction therapy, which includes osseous surgery, flap surgery and gingivectomy, is a procedure that removes gum tissue that has been affected by periodontal disease. When the bacteria buildup in plaque continues to spread throughout the mouth and gums, the infection worsens. This causes the gums to pull away from the teeth, creating ‘pockets’ between the teeth and gums. Over time as the bacteria spreads, these pockets will deepen, causing further bone and tissue damage to occur. Eventually, teeth can loosen and potentially fall out, and the patient may require an extraction to remove the affected teeth. Dr. Naghieh will assess the severity of your gum disease and bone damage to determine whether you will need a pocket reduction surgery.

Osseous Surgery may be recommended if the periodontal pockets are so deep that they cannot be maintained by your own daily oral hygiene routine or with a cleaning completed by your dental professional. During the treatment, Dr. Naghieh will fold back the damaged gum tissue to thoroughly clean the pocket and remove all bacteria. This process will help restore gum tissue and allow for securely re-attaching the gum to the teeth. The result removes disease-causing bacteria, prevents disease progression and ultimately rejuvenates patients overall health by decreasing the chances of developing serious health issues caused by periodontal disease.