Bone grafting and ridge augmentation are treatments used for restoring the jaw bone that has been lost due to periodontal disease, trauma or injuries. Having properly shaped bone and soft tissue to support your teeth or implants is important for both appearance and health.
If you are planning to undergo a dental implant procedure due to missing teeth, having a stable jaw with enough bone to support implants is key component of successful dental implants. Patients who lack the amount of bone needed to sustain single or multiple implants may need bone grafting. Site development can be used to graft additional bone to needed jaw areas. A stable site increases the likelihood of a successful future dental implant. Dr. Naghieh utilizes the latest innovations and techniques such as bone morphogenetic protein and platelet-derived growth factor for reconstruction and regeneration of oral bone and tissue. Our goal at Belmont Periodontics & Dental Implants, is the restoration of your mouth to a beautiful and healthy state and make your smile something to be proud of. 
Site development procedure itself incorporates bone grafting. Grafting means bone is attached or added to existing bone, in this case, added to the jaw. This leads to an overall increase in jawbone volume. The specific type of bone graft used during the operation varies. The bone graft may come from a donor, from your own bone structure or from a synthetic material. After a successful bone restoration operation has fully healed, it is possible to move forward with dental implant procedures.