Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is caused by bacteria buildup from plaque that causes inflammation in the gums. There are several types of gum disease, beginning with the mildest form, gingivitis, and progressing to more severe forms of periodontitis where bacteria spreads beyond the gum line and damages the gum tissue and supporting bone structure. There are numerous surgical and non-surgical procedures used to treat and suppress periodontal disease. These treatments, coupled with an excellent oral hygiene routine and healthy lifestyle habits can aid in reversing the effects of periodontal disease and prevent further damage to gum tissue.

Ongoing periodontal maintenance therapy is especially important for patients who have been treated for some form of periodontal disease. This treatment helps to prevent disease reoccurring or worsening. In addition, it helps identify the development of any new disease and initiate appropriate early intervention treatment.

A thorough examination will be provided during these therapies. The gingival probing depths will be carefully checked to ensure that they are healthy. Plaque and tartar that are difficult for you to remove will be removed. In addition, Dr. Naghieh will determine the frequency of your periodic cleanings to be performed by our trained hygienists. You may come to our practice for all cleanings and checkups or split routine visits between your regular dentist and our practice.