The gingiva is body’s natural barrier and defense against both bacterial penetration and trauma. When gum recession occurs, this line of defense is compromised or lost. In addition, gum recession often results in root sensitivity as well as unsightly appearance.

Reasons for gum grafting include prevention of further gum recession as well as future bone loss. Tissue grafts can also improve the integrity of the teeth, decreasing risk of developing root caries, reducing sensitivity, and improving aesthetics.

Gingival reconstruction and periodontal plastic surgery aim to cover exposed tooth root surface caused by gingival recession as a result of periodontal disease, aggressive brushing or trauma. Dr. Naghieh will provide a personalized evaluation of your needs and will determine which soft tissue grafting procedure is most predictable and best suits your needs. These personalized gingival reconstruction and plastic surgery treatments can include the use of your own tissue or tissue graft alternatives and growth factors.